An Audio Unit Effect for iOS that implements the effect of Wave Folding modules found in modular synths. 

Wave folding is a form of wave shaping distortion where, instead of clipping the waveform and reshaping the flattened portion, the wave peaks that exceed the clipping threshold are “folded” or inverted back onto themselves adding interesting harmonics to the original sound. WaveFolder also provides a simple traditional wave shaper section after the folding section and you can mix or blend between the two forms of distortion.

The tempo based modulation sections allow you to modulate the folding amount using various shapes and applying WaveFolder to rhythmic material like drum loops can create a whole new world of interesting rhythms. Apply WaveFolder to long low ambient drones to change their character or add a bit of dirt and using WaveFolder on lead synths can be like having another “inverse” filter at your disposal.