Designed in the style of a familiar pedal box for effortless, uncomplicated, no fuss operation, Ostinator is a single track stereo phrase looper focused on hands free control during live performance. Use it to make anything from long loops to short decaying echoes. Crossfading options enable creation of seamless drones and overdubbing offers undoable "sound on sound" layering. All performance controls are available on a single screen but Ostinator’s main strength is painless remote control while it runs in the background.

Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible.
Supports AudioCopy, AudioShare and “Open In…”
Audio file import & export via iTunes.
Hands free operation using a MIDI controller. 
MIDI assignable to every performance parameter.
Optional, adjustable crossfading for seamless loops.
Adjustable fade out time when playback stops.
Adjustable loop feedback for infinite looping or echoes.
Retrigger mode, loops can be restarted.
Load prerecorded loops with MIDI program change.
Up to 12 minutes of stereo recording time.
Undo from start of last recorded overdub. 
Get up and running quickly with onscreen bubble help.
Easy to read PDF Manual for deeper exploration.