LayR is a massively polyphonic, multi-timbral synthesizer for iOS devices, optimized for modern 64 bit CPUs and capable of delivering up to 256 voices of rich, multi-layered and textured sounds.

LayR's primary sound components are called Performances where a Performance is a set of Instruments and each Instrument is a set of Layers and each Layer is a complete synthesizer.

A performance can consist of any number of instruments each with its own MIDI channel and crossfading keyboard span. Each Instrument can consist of any number of Layers to a maximum of 128.

Each Layer has a dual oscillator that can morph with modulation between two shapes and phase states, two rich and warm state variable filters, a wave folder and a mixing section to blend oscillators and filters in any serial/parallel combination. For modulation (frequency, amplitude and phase) there are two Low Frequency Oscillators ranging from DC to audio frequency switchable to optionally follow keyboard pitch and restart phase when a note is started. Two loopable ADSR envelopes ranging from fractions of a second to over 100 seconds, an amplitude ADSR and a random number generator with a smoothing filter. With stereo delay, reverb and EQ on the output section LayR excels at not only emulating normal analog synth sounds but also at creating massive pads and huge spacy ambient textures with extremely long evolution cycles.

Focused at keyboard players looking for a mobile synth that can be reliably used live on stage LayR is equally at home in the studio. An extensive selection of usable instrument and performance presets are included which can be loaded using MIDI bank select and program change messages in the same manner as hardware synths.

LayR sports almost unparalled and extremely flexible MIDI control. Every parameter in the synth engine can be assigned to any MIDI Control Change number and parameters spread across multiple Layers can be grouped and controlled by a single MIDI cc with assignable range and direction.

There is also an 8 track, 16 step Arpeggio Sequencer which can be used to create all sorts of exciting polyrhythmic looped patterns or even ambient generative music. Each track can have it's own speed, playback mode and length.

On top of all that LayR has a MIDI Controller Mixer that can be used during performance to control the synth engine in real time and can also transmit MIDI cc's from LayR's output port to other destinations.

Full IAA, Audiobus, Audio Unit and Link compatibility means LayR can be used with all hosts and other music apps on iOS and desktop DAWs.

Mega synth *****
by 69reasons – Mar 15, 2017
I never write reviews but this deserves it. Mega awesome synthesiser stunning sounds and so capable. The possibility of this app is off the chart I love it

Stunning  *****
by @23skido – Aug 25, 2017
This is the future of iOS synths it sets a very high standard. blown away
Spectacular *****
by Perry Pelican – Mar 18, 2017
It amazes me to see apps like this. It could have been much less complete and still be great. This guy went the extra distance to create something special. LayR is special. The amount of control you have of the sound is extreme, using multiple layers with tons of features in a perfect interface. Impossible to regret purchasing this one.

Wow!!! *****

by Delphinus1950 – Jul 8, 2017
Both thumbs up for the developer of this beauty. With LayR it is possible to create very complex layered and textured sounds. The soundbanks, especially the banks added with the updates, are very inspiring to help me forward.

Stunned! Better than I could have ever hoped! Mind Blown! *****
by Thirdnail – Jun 17, 2017
Okay I have to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for ISO synths... I love VST's and VSTI's and have been using soft synths since they came out ... so about 16 years now. There are some really good soft synths out there, but this is like a DAW (like project 5) that can handle 100's of individual (instruments) and play them all together in a fluid and seamless note! You can add "Layr" upon "Layr" and make unique sounds that... more

Amazingly good *****
by Trueyorky – Mar 9, 2017
An app chock full of innovative features and capable of some stunning sounds and musical performances. LayR is breathtaking. WOW

Gros potentiel *****
by Synth Nitouch – Apr 20, 2017
Synthé très complet avec un son analogique très chaud et possibilités presque infinis en ajoutant les layers .Sons très riches ,parfait pour les drones Et l'ambient.Il manque peut être un peu de presets mais on en crée très facilement .

FEATURES ( v1.2 )
Audio Unit v3
Inter-App Audio.
AudioBus 3.
Ableton Link ( for Arpeggio Sequencer ).
Up to 128 Voices ( 256 on iPad Pro and newer devices ).
Multi-Timbral with 8 individual stereo instrument outputs + full mix output (IAA)
Optimised 32 bit Audio Engine.
Multi Channel Arpeggio Sequencer.
MIDI Controller Mixer Panel.
Stereo Delay, Reverb and EQ on output section.
Ranged MIDI control for all parameters.
MIDI Controller templates to quickly assign controllers to Layer UI controls.
MIDI Out port transmits from Keyboard, Assigned controls and Arpeggiator.
Import / Export entire Preset Banks as a single file for sharing.
Improved  Performance and Program preset import.
PDF Manual.