Founded as a partnership in 2015 and based in Glastonbury UK, Living Memory Software is all about development of high quality software for iOS and OS X. With our combined experience in the Electronic Music and TV industries we focus primarily on creative tools for artistic production. A long history of developing for Apple based systems dating back to almost the earliest days of the Mac means we have a deep and intuitive understanding of the platform and the expectations of its users.

While we will concentrate over time on releasing our own products, we are also open to collaboration with other well funded creative projects. 

If you are looking for an experienced iOS or Mac developer feel free to contact us for discussion. ( No agencies please! )

Our Apps

A simple phrase looper for live performance.

Apps for Freelance Clients

As Senior Engineer for Touchpress Andy developed a 3D engine used in several of their apps, including Disney Animated, Barefoot World Atlas, Pyramids and Solar System.

Cup Stack: A 2D physics based iPhone game developed using Cocos and Box for Janus Interactive.

In2Space: For Mac OS. A 3D Architectural Modelling tool designed to make it simple to transition to a 3D visualisation from a 2D drawing.

CellSynth: For Mac OS 9. A widely acclaimed software synthesiser / workstation. Released as shareware   in 2001 .  ... Watch this space!